Digit Sucking Habit: A Review of Literature


  • NJ Otaren
  • A.A Umweni
  • O.D Otuyemi
  • E Ogbeide


Objective: Digit sucking (thumb and finger sucking) is one of the most common forms of non-nutritive sucking. Due to different dentofacial manifestations, it has become of great interest to dentists and specialists in the field.
Methods: This article examined the development and prevalence of the habit, including the dentofacial effects in situations where it is prolonged. The approach to management were highlighted.
Results: Appropriate mode of treatment and timing of treatment should be decided upon, considering the age and level of maturity of the child, severity of malocclusion, psychological status of the child and presence of any other habit, such as tongue thrusting and mouth breathing. No active intervention should be attempted before three years of age due to emotional immaturity of the child.
Conclusion: This article presents a detailed review of the aetiologic basis and treatment options in the management of the digit sucking habit.




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